tHe FiRsT cHuRcH oF tHe LaSt LaUgH

public - created 01/24/04
the first church of the last laugh (fcll) is the world's oldest religion, the world's largest church. 150% less dogma (it's a lite religion) one holy day a year and April 1st is it. Saint Stupid, the patron saint of civilization and parking meters, is our figurehead. You don't have to join - you're already a member. RSS Feed what is XML?
Today!  topic
Soundtrack for stupidity  topic
You look stupid. This sounds stupid  topic
A Season In Hell #7  topic
A Season In Hell #6  topic
A Season In Hell #5  topic
A Season In Hell  review
ST Stupids V 3.0 (Cavalcade of Talent) thanks t...  topic
Boomba Boomba view of the Parade down Columbus  topic
pink shots  topic
Not the stupidest day of the year...  topic
where are we starting this year???  topic
St Coincidence  photo flag
Stupid Dog  photo flag
Scuba guy & one of the Sisters & somebody else  photo flag
He never saw it coming. Ninjas are sneaky like ...  photo flag
St. Stupid Store. Yeah.  photo flag
Look at THAT ass!..LOL  photo flag
Ninja Bob & Julian  photo flag
Hippy barthday!  topic
Sermon in the park  topic
Pictures?  topic
in Joe diMaggio Park, 2006-04-01  photo flag
Stripes  photo flag

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